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Kenneth Abrams is the President of TOPcoach International, LLC, a service oriented company
devoted to the growth and development of its clients. Working with executives, business owners,
and individuals he offers new perspectives on management and leadership, and how people
participate in their work and home environments. The company has offered coaching services,
leadership development, strategic planning, and operational improvement for over 2 years.

The intention is to support and transform the way people work. Ken is known for his unique style,
skill and humor which move clients quickly toward their goals.

A former Vice President of a large financial planning organization, he has over 30 years of experience
working with people and achieving their goals. He has been a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) since 1997
and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2001 after completing coach specific training through CoachInc.
He is currently a trainer and curriculum designer at CoachU and 3 other Universities in the US.

Ken’s professional services include one-on-one & Group coaching; facilitation, and workshops on visioning, strategizing, leadership, management, career advancement, and personal issues.




Ken’s Biography:

Formal Education:     
1976 – Temple University, BA Liberal Arts with Business Sub Majo
1987 -- American College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. CLU ChFC in Financial Planning
1997-- CoachU Coach Specific Business, Executive and Persoanl Coaching Curriculum

Work Experience:     

1976- Entrepeneur: Platters, LTD; retail record store
1979 – Sears – Regional Buyer / Manger

1982 – Equitable Life Assurance Society- Financial Planning
1998 to Present – TOPcoach International, LLC- Executive and Business Coach



Coach Training:    
1998-Graduate of CoachU, the largest coach training school in the world
ONGOING-Continuing Training through conferences and associations

Coach Certification: 
Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (2000 Renewal:2003, 2006, 2009, & 2012)
Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (1998)
Board Certifed Coach through the Center for Credentialing & Education (2011)
Master Certified Coach Graduate through Coach University (2002)
Certifed CoachU Graduate through Coach University (2001)

Professional Mentor Coach through Coach University (2001)


“Ken has provided insight and direction on various areas of my professional growth. The top three areas where we have focused the most have been in the areas of leading the team, communication strategies, and an action plan to create an environment of empowerment for the team, while defining the boundaries of organization. “ Dr. C.H.
“I think Ken's great gift as a Coach is his capacity to balance contradictions:  to laugh    together while conveying the deepest lessons; to make the client feel safe while facing the biggest challenges; to point out growth and joy at the places others would consider "stuck".  Ken is fun and profound, full of stories and metaphors and his utter commitment to the committed client's growth is evident in every interaction. “R.E.  Wachovia Bank
“For me, there is a kind of respect that Ken offers me that I do not always find in other coaches, and which, for me, models the professional and human being that I aspire to   become. Ken fully allows people to choose their paths for themselves. By this, I mean that he does not persuade to his point of view, does not judge, but does let people make the choices that  they make - even when he can see that they are walking into a lesson rather than walking into what they say they want.  As a journeyman myself, still sometimes wanting more for my customers and clients than they want for themselves, this kind of profound respect for other people is a great lesson.”
- DP Worlddoc





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