Professionals in a meeting

What to Expect From Ken


DO expect Ken to be curious and to ask questions that dive below the surface into deeper waters. Ken creates an environment where you can be curious together and seek meaningful answers to provocative questions.

DO expect Ken to focus on advancing you based on your strength and potential, not on what’s happened in the past. While everyone will grow in a unique way, Ken can  help you past obstacles like fear or doubt while focusing on the future. Exploring your values and beliefs can help you find the courage to move through your current state to the change you want to make.

DO expect Ken to challenge you. Coaches want you to discover the wisdom within, and that’s not always easy (for you or Ken). It requires asking bold questions and sometimes even calling “bull!” on your answers. Humans have an amazing capacity to hold true ideas that are inconsistent, often without noticing the disparity. A professional coach, by virtue of paying close attention, can help identify inconsistencies that are getting in the way of progress.

DO expect Ken to use some diagnostic tools, Questionnaires, or  test so you can understand where your strengths lie and where you might need extra help. It’s a way for Ken to learn more about how you think and operate; it’s not designed to pigeonhole you.

DO expect your coach to help you become optimistic about your future. Especially if you’re stuck, it can feel like your life is just an endless loop of same-old. You can count on Ken to reveal possibilities, concepts and strategies you never thought existed. That’s pretty exciting!

DO NOT expect your coach to run your life. If you’re looking for someone to hand you the quick and easy answers, then coaching is not for you at this time.

DO NOT expect your coach to intervene on behalf of someone. Ken has been contacted by a well-meaning parent, friend, or employer, offering to pay for coaching sessions for someone who won’t seek coaching on their own. The desire to grow has to come from within, not from without, so save your money and your energy. No amount of professional coaching can help someone who isn’t ready.

DO NOT expect your coach to do all the work. Just because you’re paying Ken to help you figure things out, that doesn’t mean you can coast. Professional coaching is a collaborative endeavor, and you need to bring everything you’ve got to the table. 

. Three things will be accomplished during your session. 1. You will have an experience of being coached by a Master Certified Coach. 2. You will have a breakthrough in the topic you bring to coaching. and 3. You will see if coaching would be a valuable tool for you or your business moving forward.